Welcome To The Undernet's Official #Mainchat website.

We are a fun and friendly group of people that enjoy being around one another BSing mostly. Anyone is welcome in our channel without exception.

Come on in and join us. We always enjoy meeting new people,  it's always a blast, where having a laugh is the name of the game!
1. Be Respectful To Others.
2. Be over the age of 18, some of our conversations and links can be inappropiate for kids.
3. Do not argue or bring private issues out into the public channel.
4. Clones are prohibited. Unless you use a BNC and are disconnected and logged in from work or  your phone etc. Please inform a Channel OP if this is so.
5. Bullying.
6. No Advertising.
7. Blantent Flooding earns you a swift kick in the arse, posting jokes, articles, links something relevent is ok.

Note: Use of an IRC network and associated channels is a privilege, not a right; abuse of privilege will lead to loss of privilege. Channel Admins, Managers, Operators and Server administrators have absolute say over whether you are allowed to use their service's or not.

How To Connect To IRC:
Some of you may be unfamiliar with chat software. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Is not a chatroom or forum it is a totally different form of conversation that is 100% text based and live. You must have a client which there are heaps however here are some links to the most common clients to connect to IRC.
Windows: mIRC XChat Kvirc
Linux/Mac/BSD: XChat Kvirc
Once Installed pick an Undernet server from the pull-down list, click on 'connect to server' and you will be connected.
Then type /join #mainchat in the box at the bottom of the screen there will be a flashing cursor, hit enter to join the channel.

We host a few text based games, the most popular being trivia however we do have uno and blackjack as well. trivia is started by typing "`trivia" without quotes in the channel window.
If conflict arises in the channel chances are it will be looked into if it's legitimate, if not then plan for a ban. We're not here to argue, bitch, troll, rumor, bait or complain. If  it is a legitimate complaint then the people you should contact if an channel operator acts inappropiately.

Torin - Channel Owner
Rick - Channel Manager
Nutella - Channel Manager
Raven - Channel Manager
Nametag - Channel Administrator
iTakeDrugs - Channel Administrator

These people have the final say so, with the exception of Torin. He has the absolute final say so.

With no question unless it was a totally inappropiate situation will any of the administration or operators trump one another.

Azbandit is an eggdrop bot running on a Sun Ultrasparc 350mhz 64bit server with 256 meg of memory (amazing really) running BSD Unix 8. Most of the time it seems the bot is doing nothing. However in the background it is monitoring the channel, maintaining the website, and executing the game's in the channel. There are service scripts running in the background as well for example weather "`w zipcode" or "`w physical location" ie: 'w moscow, russia" it also runs a seen database "`seen nickname". The bot can take over for channel services as well when X is not present. As well as running the games we offer to the channel.


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