HTML – Basic Tags Headers:

This is a big header.

This is a smaller header.

This is the smallest header

This is a paragraph

Link: This is a link Image: Unordered (bulleted) list: Ordered (numbered) list:
  1. This is a list item .
  2. And another
Header cell Another header cell
Regular cell Another regular cell
HTML – Forms Form:
Text Field: Checkbox: Radio Buttons: Submit Style #1: Submit Style #2:
PHP – Forms $x=$_POST[“name”]; (where “name” matches the input name in your html file.) =============================================== PHP – Basics Variables: $x=5; $y=33; $total=9999; Printing: echo “The total is $total”; print “x is equal to $x”; Arithmetic Operators: Examples: + (plus) $x =5+$y; - (minus) $total = $y-100; * (times) $x_squared = $x*$x; / (divide) $half_total = $total/2; PHP – Forms $x=$_POST[“name”]; (where “name” matches the input name in your html file.) ----------------------------------------------------------- PHP Variables: $x=5; $word="hello"; Printing: echo "This is a sentence"; print "The value is $x"; Comparison Operators: == (equals) != (not equals) > (greater than) < (less than) >= (greater than or equal to) <= (less than or equal to) Conditional statements: if($x > 5) { print "$x is greater than 5"; } if($word == "hello") { print "The word is hello"; } else { print "The word is not hello"; } For loops: for($i=starting number; $i<=ending number; $i++) { //Everything between these braces is repeated } //start at 0; end at 30; add 1 to $i each time for($i=0; $i<=30; $i++) { echo "i is currently $i"; } //start at 1; end at 19; add 5 to $i each time for($i=1; $i<20; $i=$i+5) { echo "i is currently $i"; } Declaring Functions: function subtract($x, $y) { $value = $x-$y; return $value; } function print_hello() { echo "Hello World"; } Using Functions: $result=$subtract(10,5); echo "$result
"; print_hello();