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CGI POST question

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Old September 29th, 1999, 03:24 AM
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With html, it is relatively simple to create a webform with a submit button with a line such as:
<FORM ACTION="postings.cgi" METHOD="POST" NAME="PostTopic">
<B>Your UserName:</B><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="UserName" SIZE=25 MAXLENGTH=25>
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="Submit" VALUE="Submit New Topic">
<INPUT TYPE="RESET" NAME="Reset" VALUE="Clear Fields">
( modified from the source on this page. )

Now what is actually going on with the above code is the actual post is actually being done from my browser.. i.e. when I select "submit new topic" my browser will actually be doing the post..

So, with that in mind, what I am missing, is how do you create a cgi script that will post data by itself to another script that will then return a value without using the browser? Anyone got any pointers? maybe an example bit of code?
Let me give a concrete example: Authorize.net (which provides credit card processing ) has an asp script running that will accept an https POST of credit card numbers, and will then submit a response.. so what I'm trying to do is write a cgi script that will post this information from a cgi script to the asp script, and then based upon the response have the cgi script then return a response to the users browser.

Any pointers / help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old August 30th, 2003, 12:20 PM
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Old August 31st, 2003, 01:55 PM
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heh, yeah I noticed that after I posted it.
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CGI POST question

Viewing: Dev Shed Forums > Programming Languages > Perl Programming > CGI POST question

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